Guided By Robert Pollard
Fading Captain Series

Robert Pollard
Music for Bubble
#36 In The Fading Captain Series

A Side

All Men Are Freezing
747 Ego
Boxing About

B Side

Search-Light Pickups
I'm No Child
747 Ego (Oh Yeah)

Robert Pollard
Music For “Bubble”
Fading Captain Series # 36


by Propellerless

While “Zoom”, Robert Pollard’s prior release, started life as a soundtrack
to Pseudo 60’s softcore porn movie, Bob next release Music For “Bubble”,
is actually a movie.

“Bubble” is a 2005 movie by director Steven Soderbergh.
The movie which uses non-professional actors, is about three low-paid Ohio doll factory workers;
one of whom is murdered.

Some of his director credits include, “Erin Brockovich”, “Traffic”, “Sex, Lies, and Videotape”,
“Full Frontal’ and the “Ocean’s” series of movies.
Soderbergh used “Do Something Real” during the closing credits of "Full Frontal," and
he also wrote an introduction to the recently published book "Guided by Voices: A Brief History”.

Pollard and Soderbergh finally met in 2004 when Mr. Soderbergh attended a show on
the Guided by Voices farewell tour, the Electrifying Conclusion.

Soderbergh, realizing, “Bubble”, a film set in Ohio, lent itself to Mr. Pollard's music,
initially asked for a song to go in a bar scene, but ended up using much more.
"I sent him a CD with about 47 new songs I had written," explained Pollard,
"He kind of chose stuff he could drop in.”
“And I was worried, because I didn't want him to choose the stuff I wanted to use on my next album."
The songs six songs were recorded after Bob visited the film set.

“All Men Are Freezing” is a majestic opening song that Bob seems to write with ease.
“747 Ego” a great GBV-like rocker, is repeated at the end of the record as “747 Ego (Oh Yeah)”.
I’ve read that the second is a reprise, but they clock in at the same time,
and it seems the only difference is the backing vocals on the second.

“Boxing About” and “Searchlight Pick-Ups” are instrumentals,
basically, acoustic guitar chord progressions.
“I’m No Child” is ok, I just think Bob could have done something better with the vocals.

The songs feature Bob on vocals and guitar with producer/collaborator Todd Tobias
holding down the bass, drums, and keyboard.

Ending note:
I have never seen “Bubble”, but I did order it a couple weeks ago
and I’m still waiting for it.
I want to hear how the songs fit into the movie and if there is any other
music by Bob within the soundtrack of the film.