Guided By Robert Pollard
Fading Captain Series

Guided By Voices
Briefcase 2 (Suitcase 2 Abridged)
The Return Of Milko Waif
#38 in the Fading Captain Series

  Side C
1 Headache Revolution [Original Version]
2 I Am Decided
3 Mannequin's Complaint
4 Your Charming Proposal
5 Supersonic Love Funky Love Gun
6 Sinister Infrared Halo
7 Perch Warble [Different Version]
8 What About The Rock?
  Side D
1 Lion W/ Thorn In Paw [Bonus Track]
2 Invisible Train To Earth
3 You're Not The Queen Anymore
4 Metro XVI
5 Daughter Of The Gold Rush
6 Sordid Forst
7 Lonely Town
8 My Dream Making Machine
9 Superwhore [Bonus Track]
10 Bye Bye Song