Guided By Robert Pollard
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Guided By Voices
Isolation Drills

1 Fair Touching
2 Skills Like This
3 Chasing Heather Crazy
4 Frostman
5 Twilight Campfighter
6 Sister I Need Wine
7 Want One?
8 The Enemy
9 UnSpirited
10 Glad Girls
11 Run Wild
12 Pivotal Film
13 How's My Drinking
14 The Brides Have Hit Glass
15 Fine To See You
16 Privately

Guided By Voices - Isolation Drills
by Propellerless

About the time of Isolation Drills,
it seemed like Robert Pollard entered his “Blue” period.
What I mean by that is it seems like Bob’s writing took on a more somber
and personal tone, which led to a whole wave of creativity.

I believe the catalyst of this was because of the endless touring
and recording the band had undertook since “Do The Collapse”,
It must make a strain of his personal life and his marriage.

The album starts out with “Fair Touching” which though is an up beat
pop/rocker, has a somber tone to it.
But then things get kicked up an notch with great rockers like,
“Skills Like This” and “Want One.”

Songs like “Chasing Heather Crazy” and “Glad Girls”,
show that Bob’s can write great pop/rock songs that rivals
those of the Beatles early classics.

Some songs have a more personal tone to them,
like “Unspirited”, “How's My Drinking?”, “The Brides Have Hit Glass”,
“Fine To See You.”

Isolation Drills shows a more mature Guided By Voices,
It has it’s more serious moments which border on Prog,
but there is plenty to keep the fans happy.