Guided By Robert Pollard

Guided By Voices
Get Out Of My Stations
(CD/7" EP) (7" on Transparent Black Vinyl)

Scalding Creek
Melted Pat
Queen Of Second Guessing
Dusty Bushworms
Spring Tiger
Blue Moon Fruit

Guided By Voices
Get Out Of My Stations

by Propellerless

“Get Out Of My Stations” is a GBV lo-fi gem.
Though the ep was released in 1994,
I suspect that some, if not all of the songs go back
to the sessions of the “Propeller” album.

Around 1999, when I moved back to California from Hawaii,
I saw Guided By Voices every time they came to the Los Angeles area.

At shows I’d get to know other fans.
One fan let me borrow a cassette tape, which was marked,
“Corpselike Sleep of Stupidity”.
He claimed that Bob wrote the title on the tape and it
was an early take of “Propeller”.

I find this believable for a few reasons.
Bob has been known to make a track listing for an album,
then completely change the track listing and even the title
he might have given it.

The tape included some songs that ended up on the
final version of “Propeller”, but they weren’t “Lovingly Fucked with”,
as the album tracks were.

Other songs ended up on albums, some were different versions
and some ended up on eps and the “Suitcase” box sets.

Four tracks from “Get Out Of My Stations”, “Dusty Bushworms”,
“Melted Pat”, “Spring Tigers” and “Scalding Creek” appeared on the
“Corpselike Sleep of Stupidity” tape.

I feel that perhaps the remaining songs on “Get Out Of My Stations”
that did not appear on that cassette,
were recorded during the same session or sessions.

Anyway with all that aside, “Get Out Of My Stations” is a great ep,
if you are into their lo-fi period as I am, you’ll enjoy it.
As far as those who don’t,
I have no idea what they will think.

“Scalding Creek” has the infamous “amp drop”,
which I’m not sure if it was planned or not.
“Melted Pat” starts off with Bob singing, “Damn Good Mr. Jam”,
which was a track from “Corpselike Sleep of Stupidity”.

“Dusty Bushworms” is cool with its backwards masking.
“A faster pop version of “Spring Tigers” appears on the first
“Suitcase” box set.

The ep was released on compact disc in 2003,
which included four early live tracks from four different shows.
“Motor Away” from February 1993,
“Hot Freaks” June 1994, “Weed King” August 1992
and “Postal Blowfish” from January 1993.

A Must Have!

Now a note from Propellerless.
Some of you might be wondering why I’ve been reviewing GBV
eps lately, or maybe you haven’t.
but anyway...

Two days after I turned in my review for Guided By Voices
latest album, “Space Gun”, my MacBook Pro crashed.

I don’t know what I would have done if it crashed before
submitting the review, because I had been working on it
for two weeks.
I doubt I would have remembered a word of what I wrote
if I ever tried to rewrite it, but thank God it didn’t come to that.

So while my MacBook Pro is in the process of being repaired,
I’ve been typing these reviews on my IPad.

I’ve gone from using at least eight fingers to type,
to poking around using one finger.
Copying and pasting from the internet with an IPad
doesn’t seem to be possible.
But at least there is spellcheck.

My original plan after the “Space Gun” review was to start
reviewing the Circus Devils albums I haven’t reviewed yet.

The idea of reviewing the eps was to hopefully write shorter reviews,
which would equal less typing.
But that doesn’t seem to happen.

Thanks for listening!