Guided By Robert Pollard

Guided By Voices
100 Dougs
(7" EP)

Side 1
Bury The Mouse
Coming Back From Now On
Foreign Deputies
Side 2
Cohesive Scoops
Out Of The Blue Race
It Will Never Be Simple

Guided By Voices
100 Dougs EP

by Propellerless

For the past two years or so,
besides the recent Pollard/GBV releases,
I haven't listened to many recent releases.

The new last thing, un-GBV related, that I really enjoyed
was "Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger"; Sean Lennon's band.
I think it’s because they are influenced by late 60 Psychedelic,
and I've been diving into that Rabbit Hole a lot lately.  
Bands like Tomorrow, July, Clear Light, The Open Mind, SRC,
The Savage Resurrection, Blossom Toes and Bohemian Vendetta,
just to name a few.

Now, when I listen to Guided By Voices, I realize they are a psychedelic rock band,
or at least very influenced by them.

On the remastered CD release from the band “Tomorrow”,
the band features Yes guitarist Steve Howe on guitar
and has a recording of the band covering “Why” by the Byrds
as one of the bonus tracks.
Except for the guitar solo, it sounds a lot like early GBV
when they were sounding R.E.M. like.

During the Do the Collapse tour, I had a few opportunities to
talk with Robert Pollard backstage.
We mostly talked about old bands that we were into.

Bob’s main interest seemed to be older, more obscure psych/garage bands,
and not too much recent stuff.

“Bury The Mouse” the opening track from “100 Dougs”
starts with a Peter Gunn rhythm,
then in come the chunky “GBV” guitars and Bob’s nasal vocals.
Very Cool!
If those bands I listed above are considered “Psychedelic,”
GBV surely deserves to be there as well.

“Coming Back From Now On” sounds like it was recorded live
at a stadium concert, that never happened.

“Foreign Deputies” sounds like something from the Take Overs,
with one guitar and what sounds like tv dialogue.

“Cohesive Scoops”, remember the “Hold On Hope” ep,
this would have fit perfect there and its perfect here.

If Circus Devils were still around, “Out Of The Blue Race”
would be on one of their records.

“It Will Never Be Simple” is a cool instrumental which I would expect to hear
during the opening credits of a 70’s low budget biker movie.
I can imagine bikers driving down an open highway with this song playing
and credits rolling by.

Just like the other ep “Wine Cork Stonehenge,”
“100 Dougs” are both required listening for all GBV fans.

So if I have this right,
none of the 12 songs from the two eps, “Wine Cork Stonehenge”
and “100 Dougs,” will be on the upcoming double album,
“Zeppelin Over China” on February 1, 2019.

Soon after the double albums release, we will see two more eps.
The 24 tracks from those four eps will be released on cd and vinyl
in Sept/Oct 2019 as “Warp and Woof.”

Cash Rivers “10 Month Anniversary” deluxe double cd,
re-issues of “Kid Marine” and “Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department”
on vinyl, Eat 15 with a one-sided Robert Pollard ep.

Plus another GBV album in February 2020, “Street Party”.

What an exciting time to be a GBV fan, but isn’t it always?
In Bob We Trust.