Guided By Robert Pollard
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Guided by Voices at
Hill Of Three Oaks (Carleton College)
Northfield, Mn.
May 1st, 1999


--- Setlist ---

1. A Salty Salute
2. Submarine Teams
3. The Big Make-Over
4. Cut-Out Witch
5. Big School
6. Far-Out Crops
7. Teenage FBI
8. "Wished I Was A Giant"
9. Zoo Pie
10. My Impression Now
11. Tractor Rape Chain
12. Strictly Comedy
13. In Stitches
14. Shocker In Gloomtown
15. The Old Grunt
16. Bulldog Skin
17. Mushroom Art
18. Hot Freaks
19. Drinker's Peace
20. I Am A Tree
21. Maggie Turns To Flies
22. Town Of Mirrors
23. Waved Out
24. Hold On Hope
25. Psychic Pilot Clocks Out
26. I Am A Scientist
27. Echos Myron
28. A Salty Salute
29. Surgical Focus
30. Motor Away
31. Peep-Hole
32. Postal Blowfish
33. Your Name Is Wild
34. Smothered In Hugs

---Comments included with original files---

I received this on 2 DVDs and will torrent as I received it...because it rules that way. The first disc is 3.19GB and the second disc is 2.49GB. Tons of thanks to bseitz for getting this to me and the hardest working man in show business Rich Turiel for granting his approval on getting this kickass cinematic masterpiece out to its deserving fans.