Guided By Robert Pollard
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Guided By Voices at
Khyber Pass
Philadelphia, Pa.
August 7th, 1994


--- Setlist ---

1. Shocker in Gloomtown (cuts in)
2. Striped White Jets
3. Exit Flagger
4. I am a Scientist
5. Tractor Rape Chain
6. Just for a Moment (Ultravox cover)
7. Smothered in Hugs
8. Drinker's Peace
9. Break Even
10. Pimple Zoo
11. Non-Absorbing
12. Cruise (beginning cut due to tape flip)
13. Unleashed: the Large Hearted Boy
14. Weed King
15. Blatant Doom Trip
16. Lethargy
17. My Impression Now
18. Expecting Brainchild

* Note: There some ugly cuts between tracks. I've done my best clean them up but they are on the original.