Guided By Robert Pollard
Circus Devils

Circus Devils
Laughs Best - The Kids Eat It Up
(CD + DVD)

Love Hate Relationship With The Human Race
The Girls Will Make It Happen
Don't Be Late
Freedom's Monster
Easy Baby
New Boy
Backwash Television
George Took A Shovel
When Machines Attack
Cyclopean Runways
Bad Baby Blue
Bull Spears
Ships From Prison To Prison
To Be So Welcome
Dolphins Of Color
Monkey Head
He Had All Day
Sunflower Wildman (Remember Him?)
Gargoyle City
Girl In Space
I Do The Nixon
War Horsies
Teenage Rooster
Locomotion Blue Note
Mother Skinny
Cockroach Whiskey
French Horn Litigation
Diamond Boys
End Of The Swell

Circus Devils
Laugh’s Best: Best Of Circus Devils


by Propellerless

A couple years ago I ordered the DVD and CD soundtrack of “IRazor”,
the Circus Devils movie from Todd Tobias’ website.
He sent me an email thanking me for my interest in the band.
I thought that was pretty cool.

Later I contacted Todd to see if he had any more copies of
the cd “A Riot Of Gold Teeth (2001-2010)”;
a Circus Devils compilation he was selling at some point.

He replied that he didn’t have any left,
but mentioned that Bob wanted to make a best of double album,
with some of the band’s more “catchier” tracks.

He said that Bob was disappointed that his fans were not
responding to the band like he thought they would.

Circus Devils is Robert Pollard at his most adventurist.
There is a part of me that has always like the weird stuff like the Residents.
Circus Devils dip their foot into that kinda stuff and Metal, Ambient and Prog.

There would be no Circus Devils without Todd Tobias who performs and
records all of the music along with his brother and GBV alumni Tim Tobias.

With Laugh’s Best, you get 30 songs from their fourteen albums
and a DVD with thirty-two music videos.

For years I have been watching Circus Devils videos on YouTube.
The “I Razor” DVD include a bunch of videos,
but nowhere near thirty-two!

A couple years ago,
I downloaded about 15 Circus Devils videos from YouTube
and I put them on a USB memory stick, plugged it into my tv,
and the videos would all play, then start over and keep playing.

I fell asleep and woke up a couple hours later.
Had some pretty weird dreams.

The videos are like that, weird, nightmarish and Fun!

The album listing has a lot of great stuff,
but I can name quite a few favorites that are missing,
but still, there is a lot of great stuff like,
“Don't Be Late,” “Backwash Television,” “Bull Spears,”
“The Girls Will Make It Happen” and “Love Hate Relationship With The Human Race.”

“Laugh’s Best: Best Of Circus Devils” is a light skimming of the bands 14 albums.
When I say “light” I mean that this collection in no way makes any of their
other albums obsolete.

“Laugh’s Best: Best Of Circus Devils” is a nice way to test the Circus Devils waters.

There is an absence of many great Circus Devils tracks,
an obvious example is the I Razor movie version of “Let’s Go Back to Bed.”
But thankfully the video is included on the DVD.

The cd and the DVD track listings differ.
Only a couple of the songs appear on both the cd and the DVD,
and that is probably a good idea, it gives you more songs.

As a matter of fact I have to admit,
I like the song listing on the dvd more than the cd itself.

One of my favorite Circus Devils albums, Stomping Grounds”
is underrepresented on the cd, only the single and the B-side is included.

But the dvd has three of my favorites from the album,
plus many other great songs not on the cd.
Like, “Bogus Reactions,” and “I Razors”

But I’m not bitching,
because I’ve been playing the cd as I’ve been typing this
and it’s a damn great collection.

Sure there are some songs that should be included,
but screw it,
I’ve got all of the albums; so I can always listen to them.

“Laugh’s Best: Best Of Circus Devils” is a great sampling of Circus Devils music.

In closing,
As we all know, Circus Devils is no more.
Bob closed down the band after recording one last album, “Last Laugh” and
completing this compilation of the band, releasing both albums on February 24, 2017.

I seriously hope Bob didn’t end the band because of his disappointment
of some GBV fans that didn’t “Get It.”

I really think that Circus Devils’ audience has yet to find them.
There is a whole Psychedelic Rock thing really starting to pick up steam.
Circus Devils could still have a post-breakup afterlife.

Anyway, you Guided By Voices fans out there,
that, for whatever reason, never took the time to listen to Circus Devils,
(Yes I’m talking to you!), order this from Rockathon’s website.
It’s still available on cd and VINYL!
Wait a Minute, WHATT!!! Still available on Vinyl???
I don’t freakin get it!
This is Uncle Bob and some of his best stuff,
And it comes with a DVD!

I’m really thinking of buying a few vinyl copies to send to posters
in the vinyl community on YouTube who are into Psych,
I bet I can convert a few.

I don’t work for Rockathon or Bob,
Just a fan who thinks Circus Devils were Great!