Guided By Robert Pollard

Circus Devils
Stomping Grounds 

by Propellerless

When I was a kid, 
the Ice Cream truck man that would come down the street,
would sell along with Bomb Pops, Push Ups and other Ice cream
and candy, Grab Bags.

For about a 25 cents, 
You get a bag with candy and different kind of things.
You buy them to be surprised of what you end up with.

That’s what it’s like listening to a Circus Devils album,
with a mixture of Metal, Prog, Ambient and Psychedelic Rock.
But every album is different with perhaps more of one style than the album before, 
like a Grab Bag.

Stomping Grounds, the bands 13th album, has more of a Metal sound,
compared to last years “Escape” which was more of a calmer, other worldly sound 
which would be perfect for play late at night.

The album kicks off with three rock songs right off,
which immediately sets the mood of the first part of the album.

With such rockers like “Schedules Of The Dead”, “Seeds Of The Craft”,
Weed World (Is Growing Very Strangely)”, “I'm Goin' In” and
A Bumbling Reply

My first reaction was, Why doesn’t the band perform live?

I love GBV but if Bob ever decided to tour with Circus Devils,
I would be more than happy.

The mood changes about half way through with the band’s
first (and only) single “Girl In Space”, which is a double a-side,
the song could have easily appeared on a GBV album,
like many of the songs.

I really love the two Psychedelic numbers, “The Liquid Observer
and “Hue N' Dye” which sounds like they could have been recorded
in the late 60’s.

I highly recommend this album to the Guided By Voices fan
who has yet to enjoy the Greatness which is Circus Devils.