Guided By Robert Pollard

And now a word from Propellerless:
First of all, I’m not a record reviewer, hell, I’m not even a writer.
but I’ve been a GBV fan since 1995, have everything Bob’s ever released
and I have a website, so those are my credentials.
Here I will randomly pick a Guided By Voices related album to review.
I hope my reviews open you to GBV stuff you might have missed.
any comments:

Boston Spaceships
Let It Beard

Circus Devils
Sgt. Disco

Circus Devils
Stomping Grounds

ESP Ohio
Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean

Guided By Voices
King Shit and the Golden Boys

Guided By Voices
Do The Collapse

Guided By Voices
Hold On Hope ep

Guided By Voices
Suitcase: Failed Experiments
And Trashed Aircraft

Guided By Voices
Isolation Drills

Guided By Voices
Lets Go Eat The Factory

Guided By Voices
Please Be Honest

Guided By Voices
August By Cake

The Moping Swans
Lightninghead To Coffeepot

Ricked Wicky
I Sell The Circus

Robert Pollard
Waved Out

Robert Pollard
Let It Beard Boombox Demos

Robert Pollard
Honey Locust Honky Tonk

The Takeovers
Turn To Red