Guided By Robert Pollard

The Moping Swans
Lightninghead To Coffeepot

Fading Captain Series #33
by Propellerless

If you have a friend that doesn’t know the work of Robert Pollard,
you could easily get away with telling them this is an 80’s post-punk band,
and they would believe you.

Robert Pollard plays the choppy Gang of Four type rhythm guitar,
while Guitarist Tony Conley from Pollard’s pre-GBV metal band,Anacrusis,
provides the sharp as glass leads.

Greg Demos and Jim MacPherson, both ex-Guided By Voices
provide bass and drums.

The Mopping Swans sounds like an late 70’s post punk band before
synthesizers took over New Wave.

Six songs in a half hour with no down time.

“Beaten By the Target” and “Shame Me No Further” are great rockers
that open the mini album,
while “The Moping Swans Are Home” goes from Post Punk, to Psychedelic.

“Look At Your Life” is the Moping Swans doing R.E.M. better than they ever could.

The closing track, “Lightninghead to Coffeepot” which is eight and a half minutes long,
sounds like the bands answer to the Velvet Undergrounds “Sister Ray.”

A Favorite from the Fading Captain Series.