Guided By Robert Pollard

Robert Pollard
Honey Locust Honky Tonk

by Propellerless

At first glance at the album cover of “Honey Locust Honky Tonk”
you might think you accidentally picked up an album by
Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood. Lol

But don’t let that throw you,
“Honey Locust Honky Tonk” is perhaps Robert Pollard’s first album
since his first “Not In My Airforce” in 1996,
to sound like a Guided By Voices record,
well at least half of it.

“Strange And Pretty Day” could have easily fit on Mag Earwhig!
“Suit Minus The Middle” and “I Have To Drink” are two rockers
that clock in under a minute, very GBVish.

There are many great songs which really makes this one of my favorite
of Bob’s solo albums.

“He Requested Things”, “She Hides In Black”, “Airs”, “Drawing A Picture”
“It Disappears In The Least Likely Hands [We May Never Not Know]”
and “Who Buries The Undertaker” which features the “Cakemaker”
from “Kid Marine”, are all Classic Pollard.

“Her Eyes Play Tricks On The Camera” sounds very theatrical.
“I Killed A Man Who Looks Like You” could have been covered by Johnny Cash.

Just under thirty-five minutes “Honey Locust Honky Tonk”
goes from style to style, showing the wide scope of
Robert Pollards musical landscape.

Great album,
Some performers bring out one, or if they are lucky,
two albums this great in their careers.
Bob just keeps them coming.
Mind boggling.

On my list of Non-Guided By Voices Robert Pollard albums
that every GBV fan must own