Guided By Robert Pollard

Richard Meltzer, Robert Pollard,
Smegma, Antler & VOM
The Completed Soundtrack For
The Tropic Of Nipples

by Propellerless

I know, I know, I’m sure many GBV fans hated this release.
But for someone like myself who grew up twisting my mind
on Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention and Captain Beefheart,
I really enjoyed it.

If you are looking for something along the lines of
“Do The Collapse” you are barking up the wrong tree,
no pop/rock anthems here.
but fans of GBV’s earlier noisy eps may enjoy this.

Other’s will see this as an unorganized mess,
not me, I quite enjoy it.
and I’ve listened to it many times.

Joining Bob on this Off-the-Wall project is Richard Meltzer,
former music credit for Creem and Crawdaddy magazines.
Melter also wrote songs for Blue Oyster Cult,
and he co-wrote their hit “Burning For You.”

Originally a limited 7” vinyl ep on green vinyl,
The cd version includes over 23 minutes of early punk fun with
Richard Meltzer’s 70’s punk band VOM, which he was lead singer of,
making their cd debut here.
After Meltzer left the band the went on to become The Angry Samoans.

Not sure who Smegma is, might be Meltzer on vocals,
but Antler is Bob with GBV members in some form or another.
Special appearances by Geo and Jim Shepard.

This release combines Garage, Punk and even Free Jazz,
with plenty of spoken word.
Recommended for late night listens,
it’s like a radio show from some Demented Dimension.

Quite fun it you can open you mind to it.

Bob, I’m still waiting for the movie.