Guided By Robert Pollard
Robert Pollard Solo

Robert Pollard
Of Course You Are

My Daughter Yes She Knows
Long Live Instant Pandemonium
Come And Listen
Little Pigs
Promo Brunette
I Can Illustrate
The Hand That Holds You
Collision Daycare
That's The Way You Gave It To Me
Contemporary Man (He Is Our Age)
Losing It
Of Course You Are

Robert Pollard - Of Course You Are
by Propellerless

In the two years since he broke up the Reunited Classic Line-up
of Guided By Voices, who in three years, released six albums,
Bob recorded some great stuff.

By this time in an artist’s career, you would think that,
“OK, that’s about it, time to take a much-needed break”
But Robert Pollard isn’t your typical “album every few years”
type of artist.

Bob is more like your “three to four albums a year” type of artist.

And it’s not like the albums he releases are live, compilations
or 20 minute guitar solos.
Bob’s albums; solo, GBV or his many side projects
are usually filled with coherent pop/rock and very much worth listening to,…
If you can keep up.

I know a lot of older fans, which I am one of,
are not going to agree with this next statement.
But I think Bob is at a peak as a writer and as a recording artist,
which continues to this day, with “ESP Ohio” and “August By Cake.”

Circus Devils “Stomping Ground” and “Escape” were great,
and the three Ricked Wicky albums were Amazing.

This album, “Of Course You Are’ is a direct result of Ricked Wicky,
whose guitarist, Nick Mitchell, not only produced the album,
but also performed all of the music.

Ok look out, I’m going to go out on a limb again.
here goes….
This is my Favorite of Bob’s solo albums since “Waved Out.”

Those of you who haven’t completely soaked this album in
probably think I’ve lost my mind.

And I’m a fan of Todd Tobias, who has been producing
and playing all the music on all of Bob’s solo albums since 2004.
I’m a big fan of Circus Devils and he was great on bass in Ricked Wicky,
but “Of Course You Are” has a fresh live sound to it
compared to Tobias colder and more electronic sound
which fits Circus Devils perfectly.

Actually I’m a big fan of “Honey Locust Honky Tonk” and a few others,
and the albums did sound warmer than the earlier ones he’s worked on,
but anyway…

The first song of the album, “My Daughter Yes She Knows”
kicks the album into gear.
Very live sounding and it reminds me a lot of Frank Black’s “Pistolero’” album,
which featured a live guitar sound, which continues with the next song,
“Long Live Instant Pandemonium.”

The beautiful “Come And Listen” reminds me of the first album
by The Electric Light Orchestra when they were just a three piece band.

There is not one song worth skipping on this album,
a lot of songs were performed live when Bob reunited
Guided By Voices the same year this album was released.

“Promo Brunette”, “I Can Illustrate”, “The Hand That Holds You”
“Of Course You Are” and “My Daughter Yes She Knows”
were great live.

One great song after another, “Losing It” a Psychedelic Gem
gets lost in the shuffle towards the end of the album,
but shouldn’t be missed.

And neither should this album,
Come to think of it,
This may be my favorite of Bob’s solo albums after all.

Bob released this album through Fire Records as a thank you,
how generous of him to give them one of his best albums.