Guided By Robert Pollard
Robert Pollard solo

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Not In My Airforce

Waved Out

Kid Marine

Motel Of Fools

Fiction Man

From A Compound Eye

Normal Happiness

Standard Gargoyle Decisions

Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love

Superman Was A Rocker

Robert Pollard Is Off To Business

The Crawling Distance

Elephant Jokes

We All Got Out Of The Army

Moses On A Snail

Space City Kicks

Lord Of The Birdcage

Mouseman Cloud

Jack Sells The Cow

Honey Locust Honky Tonk

Blazing Gentlemen

Faulty Superheroes

Of Course You Are

Our Gaze

Singles & EP's


Music for "Bubble"

I'm A Strong Lion

Silverfish Trivia

Rud Fins

Spider Eyes

Current Desperation
(Angels Speak Of Nothing)

Pill Gone Girl

Shadow Port

Count Us In

Dumb Lady

Youth Leagues

Folded Claws

When We Were Slaves

Weatherman And Skin Goddess

The Killers

Miles Under The Skin

The Butler Stands
For All Of Us

Silk Rotor

Cock Blocking The Romantics

Tonight's The Rodeo

Return Of The Drums

Take Me To Yolita/
Up Up And Up


LP's & CD's

Edison's Demos

Relaxation Of The Asshole

Meet The King: Asshole 2


Best Of 2008-2009

Let It Beard
Boombox Demos

The Kids Eat It Up
The Best Of
Robert Pollard 2010-2011

The Best Of
Robert Pollard 2012-2014


Compilations & Live Stuff

Love & A .45

I Stayed Up All Night Listening To Records
A Collection Of
Field Recordings

Single Wish
A Benefit Various Artists Compilation

Moon (Live)



The Devil Went Home
And Puked