Guided By Robert Pollard

Cash Rivers
She Laughed I Left

by Propellerless

Seventeen songs in under seven minutes by the legendary Cash Rivers.

On “She Laughed I Left”, Pollard as Cash Rivers, croons
Such songs as, “Cocaine on My Way Home From Church”,
“She’s Too Old For Trick or Treat”, “Pack of Zig Zags”
and “I Had to Pay for My Own Birthday Party”.

I have no idea of the circumstances of this 7” record, ep, single or whatever it is,
Sounds like it was recorded at a party, with people, perhaps GBV band members,
Making up song titles for a drunken Bob to write short country songs using the titles.

My favorite is “Diapers to Panties.”
“She went from Diapers to Panties,
Back to Diapers, back to Panties,
She in Diapers, I’m in Panties again.”
With Bob singing in an Elvis croon.

Or how about,
“Drinking With Abraham Lincoln”
“Gave up thinking and took up Drinkin’
Now I’m Drinking With Abraham Lincoln”

“Bring Your Nasty Ass Home”
“You’re dirty I love you
You suck and you stink,
But bring your Nasty Ass Home”.

If Country music was like this, I’d probably like it.

Pollard was originally planning on releasing his solo album,
“Honey Locust Honky Tonk” which was originally suppose to be
a mock country album, under the pseudonym, Cash Rivers.

A fun release from Yuk Yuk Records, lots of laughs.
Released through Rockathon and limited to 500 copies,
Which are sold out and not available on Ebay or Discogs,
But you can hear it on YouTube.

A fun release from Bob,
Thanks Bob!